The pepper and salt cans drifting through the table let me try to use the wood with geometric ratio and accurate expression to express the warm and tranquil feelings. Organic and vital wood, constructed in the pure geometric perfection, functional, warm, rational and able to work together to achieve complete harmony.

Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) poet Su Dongpo in China wrote in his “A Night Trip in Cheng Tian Si “, the experience of being sleepless and wandering with Zhang Huaimin in the middle of the night, having empathy in two places. I often imagine that one day will I have the opportunity to look at the sky with my friends and just let my mind drift away aimlessly? Due to my preference of modernists’ design philosophy, I am enthusiastic on designing production which can be manufactured easily with cool look. The style of solid wood with paint is not only beautiful but also wearable. Size set at 6 cm with cubic shape is the “just right proportions” found after continuous attempts. The exit ramp allows extra salt or pepper returns automatically, besides, it makes the cube out of stiffness.

Patience and Workmanship To my surprise, because of the flexibility of the wood with Taiwan’s humid climate, the structure of a cube is just a strong structure enough to sustain. However, far from my imagination, because of the tiny model size, it is difficult to achieve fully seamless while combining the parts. Instead, it took me a considerable amount of time before the model components can be accurately joined together; so it is a handmade work which requires a lot of patience. For me, through this work, I learned patience and fine workmanship.

pepper is gray, as salt is white. Having a slit on the exit ramp, where allows salt to go through, and of course, where salt returns. Finally, after the stoving varnish process, people will understand immediately that pepper is gray, as salt is white. Base shape is full of unlimited imagination, it is carrying the two of the top leisurely. Apart from a small boat like vessel, the length of the lid is also suitable to be opened, thus can be filled or clean-up with elegance.

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