Soon after industrial revolution, conception of manufacturing, making, designing, and thinking tends to standardized and unitized for the purpose of fast and precise. Within this context, designers’ ideas are forced to go through many agents, including lots criteria, moulds, universal units, SOP, 3D software and screen display. My aim is to deliver the image directly from designer’s head into the tangible outcomes.The tool is able to create a mass customized production rapidly.

Rapid Laminator is designed for quick testing prototype for designers or engineers. It has an ability to laminate materials without making moulds and is suitable for making adjustable shape. Each clamp is able to be moved vertically and horizontally, the angle of clamps is changeable, and is possible to be extended whether longer or altered. Prototype no.1 represents the initial principle, prototype no.2 and no.3 is going to create more possibility of laminating such as spiral shape and more.

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